Our Mission

An initiative launched during the 2020 Finance in Common Summit

The Coalition for sustainable development through sport (hereinafter “the Coalition”) was launched under the leadership of Public Development Banks (PDBs) in November 2020 in close collaboration with a selection of partner organisations.
Coalition’s members pledge to strengthen their financial resources, investments and expertise to build a sustainable world together, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Coalition’s ambition is to expand over time by bringing in more PDBs and by fostering partnerships with other stakeholders and coalitions that share its vision, and are willing to contribute their diverse resources and abilities, including from the private sector, civil society, governments and academia.

Main commitments of the Coalition


Get along with a common vision and principles on the economic, social and environmental power of sport


Intensify the positive human, social, economic and environmental for more cooperation in sport for development


Support projects that make sport a tool for human and sustainable development at national and regional levels


Create a positive economic, social and environmental legacy and contribute to peace and solidarity, in particular through major international sporting events


Our Members

Public Development Banks

Supporting partners

Advisory members

Our Vision

Coalition members share the core belief that physical activity, physical education, and sport are powerful levers for sustainable development, and transformation of society by, for and with the youth and specifically marginalised groups.

Whether one talks about climate change, inequalities, social justice, gender equality, inclusion, peace building, or other contemporary challenges, the SDGs highlight a common path to a more sustainable future - one that balances individual development, collective progress, and respect for the planet. The UN Agenda 2030 recognises the importance of sport in building this path.

Sport unites stakeholders at multiple levels and provides a framework for action in a variety of contexts, notably the following:

Good health and well-being

Sport and physical activity provide an alternative to sedentary lifestyles, in turn preventing non-communicable diseases and supports mental well-being.

Quality education

Sport and physical activity support positive values, self-confidence, personal development academic performance and school retention.

Gender equality

Sport contributes to women and girls’ empowerment and decreases gender stereotypes. Sport can also be a powerful awareness-raising and educational tool for gender equality and provides a safe and fair environment for women and girls.

Decent work & economic growth

Sport helps unemployed vulnerable and excluded groups to reengage, and develop valuable skills in sport and sport-related value chains and markets.

Reduced inequalities

Sport is a powerful vehicle for social integration. It fosters social cohesion. Sport also provides vulnerable and marginalized groups and individuals with a safe and inclusive space.

Climate action

Sport can help accelerate the ecological transition by promoting sustainable production, consumption and resource utilisation throughout the value chain, as well as sustainable innovation in sport infrastructures.

Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

Sport is a powerful communication tool for demonstrating solidarity, and the respect of human rights. Sport also helps to rebuild societies from conflict and fosters dialogue, social cohesion, reconciliation, and long-term peace.

Partnerships for the goals

Sport offers a unique space to bring together widely different stakeholders around common goals and enhance global partnerships for sustainable development.

Our Organisation

A Task Force has been created as the Coalition’s executive and deciding body: It leads the Coalition’s work and allocates roles and responsibilities.
AFD and JICA currently co-chair the Task Force for an initial duration of one year.

The Coalition has set up two first Working Groups and a coordinated Secretariat to develop a roadmap of concrete actions to be deployed in the short and medium term:
Working Group 1 (led by AFD) - Investing in sustainable sport infrastructure projects & development projects ;
Working Group 2 (led by UNESCO) - Leveraging the power of sport to achieve the SDGs.

The “Sport en Commun” platform performs the secretariat’s function of the Coalition (admininistration, communication and coordination)

Contact details: secretariat@coalition-sport.com