The Coalition for Sustainable Development Through Sport (hereinafter “the Coalition”) is pleased to inform that the Instituto Credito Sportivo (ICS) will co-chair the second year of operations jointly with the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The Coalition is also pleased to welcome the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) as a new member.


After a successful inaugural year and collective work, the members of the Coalition agreed to renew the co-chair mandate of AFD and JICA. They are joined for this second year by the Instituto Credito Sportivo, highly involved in the funding of sport projects in Italy and also one of the main sponsors of the thematic session "Scaling-up Public Development Banks’ Sport for Sustainable Development Program" during the second edition of the Finance in Common Summit (FiCS) in October 2021 in Rome.

Mr. Andrea Abodi, ICS Chairman: “Sport for ICS is a mission as well as a mandate. For the Institute, financing the qualitative and quantitative development of sports infrastructures means contributing to the well-being - physical and mental - of the individual, the community, the territory and the entire nation, with a view to broad-spectrum sustainability and cohesion.”

We believe that Sport, on an individual and collective level, is one of the "social immune defenses" that foster the harmonious growth of every context, guaranteeing people of all generations to develop and train "antibodies" capable of minimizing the harmful effects of social diseases contemporary.

ICS values the Coalition as a fundamental tool, which can and must play an increasingly active, proactive and participatory role in spreading the social value of Sport, identifying common investment projects that allow the sector to express its full potential and share models for evaluating direct, indirect and induced impact,  also accompanied by the elaboration of the so called “satellite accounting system”, which allows the development of comparative analysis, useful for the adoption of best practices.

The Coalition is pleased to welcome the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) as a new member.

Mr. Sergio Díaz-Granados, CAF President: “In CAF, we have the firm conviction that sport is not only a human right in itself but the driver to promote other human rights and transform societies. This is especially true for persons with disabilities. We also believe that there is no better platform to scale this up than the Coalition for Sports and Development. We feel honored to be a part of it and we look forward to continue working with all the partners to bring inclusion to our region and to the world through the power of sports.”

Members of the Coalition will continue to strengthen their commitment to use sport as a powerful lever for greater social and economic progress notably through the development of innovative financial instruments and a portfolio of sustainable and inclusive sport for development programs.

The Coalition will present progress and perspectives during the next edition of the Finance in Common Summit to be held in Abidjan on 19 and 20 October 2022.


Photo credit : gettyimages